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My ballet career included: Principal Ballerina with Ballet Pacifica, Laguna Beach, CA; Founder and Director, Conservatory of Ballet Arts & Co., Solana Beach, CA; Master Teacher, Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Carmel Valley, CA; guest ballerina, guest teacher/choreographer, and author. I am the CEO of Creek House Patisserie LLC which has developed Creek House Chocolates

Ballet: The Art Defined by Louise Frazer (Ingber)

Here is a quick scan of a ballet book I wrote many years ago, which may be useful to some students even in this format. Louise Frazer was my maiden name and stage name while I was dancing and singing professionally.

A coarse resolution of 200 dpi was used to keep the file size reasonable. The scan was taken from my last copy of this book, and it is clear that the book is not in very good condition.

Please enjoy

Performance Videos

Below are three videos converted from VHS tapes taken circa 1980. To make these files a reasonable size they were converted to 320x240. (The files still are quite large at about 100MB or 200MB each.) The sound is quite a bit out of sync with the video a lot of the time due to the device used to capture the VHS recording.

These videos may be accessed from my Google Docs archive,
https://l.ingber.com/Ragtime (ClassicalVariations-Ragtime-NightDreams)
https://l.ingber.com/Nutcracker (Nutcracker)
https://l.ingber.com/SnowWhite (SnowWhite-SwanLake-RagTime)

These videos can be downloaded from my Google Sites account,

These videos also can be viewed on my youtube account, where they have been cut into playable parts less than 14 minutes each.

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